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IT solutions integrator for data centers, in the field of information and physical security and Big Data. Reliable supplier of servers, computer equipment and peripherals.

ИТЦ-М — поставщик комплексных ИТ-решений для ЦОДИТЦ-М — поставщик комплексных ИТ-решений для центров обработки данных

Data Center Solutions

Engineering and configuration of high-performance data centers is one of the most important tasks of modern IT managers. ITC-M provides intelligent data center solutions that allow to process, store and protect your most valuable assets.

ИТЦ-М поставщик решений в области анализа структурированных и неструктурированных данныхИТЦ-М поставщик технологии BIG DATA

BIG-DATA Technology

In the world of growing information production and consumption, Big Date technologies are becoming more and more in demand by leading companies in various fields of business. ITC-M offers solutions from Teradata Corporation, a leader in the analysis of structured and unstructured Big Data.

ИТЦ-М — поставщик серверного оборудованияИТЦ-М — поставщик серверного оборудования Минск

Server equipment

ITC-M offers a balanced ratio of cost and efficiency of high-performance servers compatible with a wide range of hardware and software solutions from other manufacturers, which guarantees their versatility and extensive scope.

ИТЦ-М — поставщик компьютерной техники МинскИТЦ-М — поставщик компьютерного оборудования

Computer equipment

ITC-M is a distributor of modern, productive and functional desktop PCs, all-in-one monoblocks and laptops, as well as mobile and office document scanners. They will satisfy the most demanding requirements and are designed to work with complex business tasks.

Системы безопасностиСистемы безопасности ИТЦ-М

Physical security systems

ITC-M is a provider of applied solutions in the field of physical security of people and objects.

Датчик интенсивности «АРКЕН»Радиолокационный датчик «АРКЕН»

Traffic detectors

ITC-M is a supplier of equipment for intelligent transport systems.

About ITC-M

ITC-M today provides professional services for data centers and advanced computer equipment, distribution of server equipment for small and medium enterprises, classical distribution of consumer electronics for private customers.

We help private companies, banks and government agencies in achieving their goals: ensuring a high level of business process productivity, reliable protection and safety of corporate data, physical security of people and objects.

What we offer to our customers?

Data Center Solutions

Reliable data storage systems ensure the continuity of business processes, simplify operations, and enable data integration.

Storage and server hardware

The server equipment of our suppliers is characterized by high performance and quality indicators, as well as an intelligent control system.

Computer equipment

Modern laptops, desktop PCs and all-in-ones, productive workstations from leading manufacturers. Selection of configurations, equipment supply, warranty and after-sales service.

Big Data Analysis

Comprehensive solutions and services in the field of storage and analysis of big data. The most reliable analytics for the most complex tasks in various fields of business and services.

Information Security

Protection of the information network from external and internal attacks, in the clouds and on mobile devices; virtual environment protection. Security management and risk analysis. Data leakage protection.

Physical security

CCTV, access control and restriction systems, inspection equipment and equipment for checkpoints, perimeter protection and other solutions.

Traffic analysis

Radar detectors of vehicles, traffic sensors and software for in-depth analysis of the characteristics of traffic flows.

Consumer Distribution

Fujitsu scanners, F&D speakers, Edyfire headphones and Divoom portable speakers.

Why ITC-M?


Large market players choose us!


Maintaining honesty and transparency of the business.


We offer proven solutions.


Our team employs professionals.


We conduct training seminars and conferences.


We promptly carry out warranty and after-sales service.

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